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                                                                                Symbolism and Personality of Numbers

                     The numbers 1 - 9 represent the full scope of human characteristics.  They are the nine archetypes that, combined
                      in an endless variety, form the basis of each individual's unique personality in much the same way that just three
                      primary colors form the basis of millions of colors found in this universe. 

                      Personalities listed first followed by Symbolism

                1 - Most independent, unconventional and individualistic of all numbers.  It represents the beginning, the source,
                     the innovator, the originator, and uniqueness of the individualist.  It is masculine and possesses a strong sense
                     of courage and leadership.  It is ambitious and goal-oriented.  It has direction and it does not doubt its course
                     of action.  It is stubborn and it has strong opinions about right and wrong.  It is a high energy, dynamic force
                     that drives relentlessly toward its destiny.  It is the instigator.

                     Symbolism - Pillar shape reflects independence, leadership and strength.

                     Tarot Card - Magician

                2 - The most gentle of all numbers and represents cooperation, diplomacy and tact.  It is the power behind the
                     throne, it is the supportive number and it often plays the role of advisor, counsellor or healer.  It is very
                     feminine and subtle and our connection to spirit.  More observant than an extrovert.  The 2 is loving,
                     vulnerable, and humble.  It loves music and harmony in any form.  It dislikes direct confrontation, is easily
                     hurt and does not handle criticism very well.  However, it is extremely resilient.  It is the peacemaker.

                     Symbolism - Humble, diplomatic, and sensitivity symbolize its resilient strength.  It is easy to depress and
                     squash yet, it is flexible enough and like a spring rises again much easier and quicker than does the 1.

                     Tarot Card - The High Priestess

                3 - The most playful of all numbers.  It is creative, inspirational, and motivating.  Self-expression and communication
                     are its central qualities.  It is a happy go-lucky number, both optimistic and enthusiastic.  It's energy is expansive
                     and outward moving and can be scattered.  It lifts up those around it, it enjoys life and does not take things
                     too seriously.  It is the sunshine number.

                     Symbolism - Represents self-expression, verbal art, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  It is the most imaginative of
                     all numbers and this is reflected in its open minded and inviting shape which is ready to embrace anything in
                     this world or the world above.  It gives life to the ideas it has held and puts things into form.

                     Tarot Card - The Empress

                4 - The most practical of all numbers with a sharp eye for details.  It is orderly, systematic, methodical and precise.
                     It is reliable, punctual and dependable.  It does what it says it will do.  It is honest, trustworthy but can be
                     rigid and dislikes change.  It needs predictability and prefers habits and rituals.  It forms the foundation of every
                     enterprise and makes itself the rock and the cornerstone.  The only number with all right angles, it is about
                     structure and order.

                     Symbolism -   Square shape is down to earth.  It sits on the ground and it is a foundation and a rock of support
                     for other numbers.  It represents limitations (often self-imposed) and discipline.  It is rarely a dreamer.  Associated
                     with the manager type, this number caters to organization, structure, game plan and order.

                     Tarot Card - The Emperor

                5 - The most dynamic of all numbers.  It is persuasive, a promoter and a sales person par-excellence.  It is versatile
                     and adaptable.  It is the experimenter and the explorer.  It is also bright, quick witted, and a straight shooter with
                     extraordinary reflexes.  It is the juggler or many projects and it is easily distracted with a love for sexual pleasures
                     and immediate gratification.  It is adventurous and courageous, the traveler's number.

                     Symbolism - Most dynamic of all numbers, and the symbol seems to turn around its central point.  It will try
                     anything at least once, and true to its nature is open front and back.  This is the most flexible of all the numbers
                     so it needs to guard against over indulgence and brace itself with discipline in order to not get scattered.

                     Tarot Card - The Hierophant

                6 - The most loving of all numbers.  It is harmonious with all other numbers and is committed, caring, sympathetic,
                     protective, nurturing, responsible as well as self-sacrificing.  It is domestic, marriage and family oriented, and
                     community conscious.  Associated with guidance, the six takes information in from the top, and receives it into
                     the womb area (where the bottom circle is) and assimilates what it has taken in.  Upon finishing, it gives out
                     information toward others for what it has assimilated for the benefit of those around it.

                     Symbolism - Most loving and sacrificing of all numbers.  It is the mother/fatherhood number and it seems
                     pregnant with love.

                     Tarot Card  - The Lovers

                7 - The most spiritual of all numbers.  It is the seeker of truth and is mentally driven, analytical, focused,
                     contemplative, and meditative.  It is the accumulator of knowledge and wisdom, the intellectual and abstract
                     thinker.  It is insightful and understanding, self-oriented, and often withdrawn.  It is an inward, interior
                     journey.  It is the scientist, philosopher, preacher, scholar and sage.  It is reflectivity, aloneness and quiet
                     contentment.  The seeker of inner truth.

                     Symbolism - The thinker and hermit.  It reminds us of a wise old man/woman with an outstretched arm.  In their
                     hand they hold a lamp shining its light in search of answers.

                     Tarot Card - The Hermit 

                     8 - The most result oriented of all numbers.  It represents the balance between the material and the spiritual worlds.
                      It is a powerful, ambitious and money conscious number, but also generous.  It understands money as a tool.
                      It is the leader and the business person with big dreams and big plans.  It is the over seer and the manager.  It
                      is strength and the perseverance to see things through.  It is the gambler and the risk taker.  It is understanding,
                      forgiving and broad minded.  It is the visionaries number.  This number more than all others represents risk taking
                      power.  As the number is created and seen, it is two circles joined at the hip symbolizing "As Above, So Below."
                      As we are ready to harness the power inherent in its design, then we are able to utilize for constructive purposes.

                      Symbolism - Represents the balance between the spiritual and the material worlds, the symbol reflects heaven and
                      earth in the two circles stacked on top of each other.

                      Tarot Card - Strength/Courage

                  9 - The most humanitarian of all numbers.  It is effort and sacrifice without the need for reward.  It is giving, sharing,
                       loving and caring.  It is the statesperson, politician, lawyer, writer, philosopher and above all the idealist.  It is
                       world wide consciousness, genius, a synthesizer.  It is creative, artistic, architect, landscaper, and designer.  It is
                       aloof, noble, aristocratic and a healer of the many.  Nines represent integrity and wisdom as they are the
                       culmination of all 8 numbers before itself, so they are about giving back through experience.  Represented
                       very well as the grandmother or grandfather figure who has been through their life and educate through

                       Symbolism - Completes the circle.  Like the 6, it is a very loving number but where the 6 sends its love to
                       family, friends and the community, the 9 gives its love to the world.  It is the humanitarian.

                       Tarot Card - The Hermit

                   0 - The number Zero has no inherent value, but does represent a great deal spiritually speaking.  Zero is the
                         number of wholeness as it has no beginning and no end, but is the alpha and omega.  The creation's perfect
                         symbol.  When Zero is present, it relates to our inherent ability to go within ourselves and listen to inner truth
                         to light our path.  It is an increased step of spiritual connectedness and symbolizes our connection to our
                         "inner God-like" essence.  It is the abstract part of us and our material lives, our soul consciousness.

                          Tarot Card  - The Fool