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                                                 Life Purpose in Astrology (Using the North and South Nodes)

                    There are many different ways to do readings in astrology as there are planets in the heavens.  Each reading style is
                     unique unto what the astrologer themselves can interpret from the chart(s) they read.  But one of the main things that
                     astrology can help us to uncover, or understand better is what is the purpose or lesson of the individual they are reading. 
                     In other words, why were you born, what is the purpose of your existence, what lesson(s) were you born to experience.

                     In looking at the birth chart of an individual, there are two placements in the birth chart that help an astrologer to decipher
                     the life purpose of an individual. 

                     The North and South Nodes help a trained astrologer to understand what it was that you were born for.  The nodes are
                     not planets nor are they asteroids in the heavens.  They are assumed points in the heavens in direct relation to what
                     degree the moon was over the western horizon at the exact time of your birth.  Why is that so important?  The moon is the
                     symbol in astrology of where we feel safe, secure and find our safety bracket, hence where our past comfort zone is.  So
                     it depicts where we are coming from in our emotional pasts. 

                     The sign that the moon is in can help us to understand what expression we chose in previous lifetimes to express
                     ourselves through, the area of life that the moon is in can help us to understand where we developed this tendency from
                     our past lives.  For example, if the natal moon is in the second house (our possessions, $$) and in the sign of (Taurus),
                     the individual most  likely will have a tendency to feel a safety bracket with regards to their own money and may very well
                     be a stickler for spending their own money.  If the moon is in the 4th house (home and family) in the sign of (Libra) they
                     may feel a safer haven at home to express their emotions than out in the public eye.  More specifically, it could be with
                     their mother (4th house).

                     The moon has direct relation to the South Node.  The South Node is representative of where we have come from in our
                     past lives and what tendencies we have developed there.  It is the area of “least resistance” because our souls know it
                     so well.  However, it is also where we can hold ourselves back from learning our lessons.  So the North Node is the
                     opposite, where we need to open to our lessons, break new ground and become more mature souls.  In other words, the
                     North Node represents the lessons we have not learned in our past lives.

                     Some key points to understand the North and South Nodes here.  They will always be on the exact opposite side of the
                     chart from each other.  If the North Node is in the 1st House, the South Node will be in the 7th house.  If the North Node is
                     in the 2nd House, the South Node node will be in the 8th house.  They will always be in the exact opposite sign.  North
                     Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer.  They will always be in the same degree North Node in 10 degrees of Gemini,
                     South Node in 10 degrees of Sagittarius.

                     In understanding how to read the North Node and the South Node in a chart, an astrologer can help an individual to
                     understand the purpose of their life.  In knowing what house the nodes are in, helps us to understand the area of life we
                     need to learn our lesson(s).  In understanding the signs that the nodes are in, we gain insight into the tendency or
                     tendencies we need to develop.

                     The following is a chart that helps to explain the above points, both in what houses the North Node and South Node fall
                     into, and the signs that they may be found in.

                         North Node is area of life to develop toward.                          South Node is area of life to work away from.

                       1st House - Personality, Drive, Goals, Physical                                 7th House - Dependency on others.
                                             Appearance, Sense of Self.
                         in Aries - need to develop Independence,                                     in Libra - need to leave behind Seeing yourself
                                                  Self-Awareness, Courage, Self Nurturance.                                          through another's eyes, Tit or Tat mentality,
                                                                                                                                                                      relying upon others to make decisions,
                                                                                                                                                                      being Mr. or Mrs. nice.

                        2nd House - One's own values, Possessions and                             8th House - Depending on the resources of others.
                                                Beliefs.                                                                                                     Being influenced by others.
                          in Taurus - need to develop taking things one step at                in Scorpio - need to leave behind Impatience,
                                                       a time, self worth, your own beliefs, and                                                  overreacting, over concern with other
                                                       persistence.                                                                                                people's business, attraction to crisis

                         3rd House - Communication, Your Own Ideas,                                   9th House - Being aloof, Too much spontaneity,
                                                Communication with siblings, Developing                                            Too unsettled in the mind.
                                                rationale and logic.
                          in Gemini - need to develop Tact, Logic, Listening,                   in Sagittarius - need to leave behind Aloofness,
                                                      Openness to new ideas and experiences.                                                  needing to be right, Taking 
                                                                                                                                                                               shortcuts, Careless spontaneity.

                          4th House - Developing home life, Sensitivity toward                       10th House - Concerned with career, Being cold and
                                                 others, Developing stability and foundation.                                           insensitive, too much concern for public
                          in Cancer - need to develop Empathy, Validating                      in Capricorn - need to leave behind Needing to
                                                       feelings, Humility, Nurturing and supporting                                               control everything and everyone, 
                                                       others.                                                                                                            ignoring the process and being too
                                                                                                                                                                               focused on the goal, Hiding feeling
                                                                                                                                                                               and fear in intimate relationships. 

                           5th House - Need to develop self confidence, confidence                11th House - Get away from being one of the crowd,
                                                  in self expression, creativity, accept praise                                            develop sense of identity, get away
                                                  and attention in one's life.                                                                          from needing to be around others.
                          in Leo - need to develop Individuality, Strengthening                  in Aquarius - need to leave behind yielding to peer
                                                one's willpower, Self-confidence, Following                                                    pressure in order to belong,
                                                one's own heart.                                                                                                  Detaching from emotional situations,
                                                                                                                                                                              Waiting for others to prompt your

                           6th House - Developing a sense of duty toward others,                    12th House - Get away from being in your head, Get
                                                  being practical, becoming organized, working                                       away from day dreaming, become
                                                  in the here and now.                                                                                   practical.
                           in Virgo - need to develop Creating routines, Focusing            in Pisces - need to leave behind Being a victim,
                                                    on the here and now, Valuing details, Service                                       Avoidance of planning, Self-doubt,
                                                     to others                                                                                                     Withdrawal.

                           7th House - Develop a sense of partnerships, commitment             1st House - Get away from identity with self, putting
                                                  in relationships, develop a sense of fairness                                       yourself first, wanting your own way.
                                                  with others.
                           in Libra - need to develop Creating win/win situations,               in Aries - need to leave behind Impulsiveness,
                                                    diplomacy and tact, cooperation, sharing.                                             selfishness, outbursts of anger,
                                                                                                                                                                        expecting, others to be just like you.

                           8th House - Sharing resources with others, giving assistance         2nd House - Imposing your own values and beliefs,
                                                  to others, be a guide for others.                                                              being stubborn and stingy, inflexibility.
                            in Scorpio - need to develop Choosing constructive                 in Taurus - need to leave behind Possessiveness,
                                                          change, openness to partnering, merging                                          stubbornness, resistance to change,
                                                          power with others, enjoying things without                                          input from others.
                                                          possessing them.

                            9th House - Develop a higher perspective of the world around        3rd House - Develop a higher consciousness, don't be
                                                   you, develop your own perspectives, develop a                                   so factual, become more open minded.
                                                   higher vision.
                            in Sagittarius - need to develop Speaking from higher                in Gemini - need to leave behind Indecisiveness,
                                                                consciousness, trusting oneself,                                                        gossiping, saying what others want to
                                                                spontaneity, hearing the meaning behind                                         hear, second guess what others think.
                                                                 the words.

                           10th House - Develop ambition, become focused, develop              4th House - Detach from the family, leave the past
                                                    toward public status, work away from the family.                                 behind, develop self-sufficiency.
                            in Capricorn - need to develop Self - control, staying                   in Cancer - need to leave behind Dependence,
                                                              goal oriented, letting go of past,                                                          moodiness, insecurity leading to
                                                              approaching life from an adult position.                                             inaction, avoidance of personal risk.

                           11th House - Become more humanitarian, become self-less,           5th House - Get away from needing to be the center of
                                                    be there for the masses.                                                                         attention, the world does not revolve
                                                                                                                                                                       around you, wanting your own way.
                            in Aquarius - need to develop Desire for friendship,                    in Leo - need to leave behind Insistence on getting
                                                            awareness of equality, making decisions                                     one's way, wilfulness and stubbornness,
                                                            for the interest of all, active participation                                       doing what is expected rather than
                                                            in groups.                                                                                           following your heart.

                           12th House - Developing your connection to spirit, developing         6th House - Needing to be of service to others, being 
                                                    your subconscious mind, becoming more                                            stuck in routine, working from a sense
                                                    spiritually attuned.                                                                                    guilt.
                            in Pisces - need to develop Being non-judgmental,                     in Virgo - need to leave behind Fault finding,
                                                        compassion, focusing on the spiritual                                                  staying in unpleasant situations,
                                                        spiritual pathway.                                                                                    inflexibility, obsessive worry.