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Angelic Hierarchy

                   For centuries there have been many stories written about and passed down on angels in one form or another.  Questions
                   such as: Do angels really exist? Why can’t I see them? What are they there for?  How many different types of
                   angels exist?
, are all great questions which will lead us into a further understanding of our place in the universe and those
                   we share it with.

                   Since the dawn of time, angels have existed and were created by the creator to assist in the divine plan.  Angels and man
                   were created at the beginning.  However, there is one major distinct difference between the creation of angels and man. 
                   That is,  angels were created to be strictly servants without any free choice.  Only man, above all creation, was given the
                   freedom to
choose for self.  This was a decision made by the creator from the start.

                   Angels have always been there giving their carefully guided direction to those who are attuned enough to hear it and feel it. 
                   Due to our build up of karma over the ages, our ability to both hear them and see them, literally, has been taken away.  The
                   veil on that consciousness was dropped, and until the time dawns once again where we learn to value, take responsibility
                   and live in peace among ourselves, the ability to commune with angelic family will continue to be a struggle.

                                                                                                                 What are Angels?

                    Angels are spirits who have never incarnated in physical form for living a human life.  Not that they have never been down
                    here on earth, but they have not come in as humans with a human purpose.  Humans have souls, angels do not.  Angels
                    can come in and dawn human form in order to live among us, if not for anything else, but to observe and give counsel when
                    counsel is needed.  As Hebrews mentions it quite clearly “Man entertains angels unawares.”  Man, for centuries has been
                    in the company of angels and has been visited by them without even knowing it.  Why?  Because man lacks the conscious
                    connection he once had with the divine source.  The intuitive inner voice will always be the answer.

                                                                                                   Does Man Ever Become an Angel?

                     Many at times have questioned as to whether man could become an angel after passing from the earth plane.  The answer
                     to this is yes.  The option would exist for some depending upon their development from the earth plane.  Some can be given
                     governance or the opportunity to assist their loved ones when they pass on, to be guardians for them.

                                                                                                  Angel Divisions and Responsibilities

                                              These 3 groups are furthest from heaven and deal primarily with the affairs of men

                                               Angels:  The lowest of the heavenly realms.  They are more like the “Guardian type.” 
                                                               They serve as the front line in the angelic/heavenly army.

                                               ArchAngels: They serve as leaders in the heavenly army.  They primarily deal with the
                                                                       affairs of lesser angels (clans, village, groups, etc.)  They are the step
                                                                       above angels.

                                               Principalities: Bureaucrats and Generals in the angelic army.  They rule over the large
                                                                         groups of men (nations, tribes, countries).

                                               This second group is more distant and not really involved with humanity.

                                               Powers: They are the go between joining the borders of heaven and hell.  They are
                                                                primarily responsible for over seeing that men receive their proper reward for
                                                                their deeds.  They also serve to protect men from demonic attacks, being so
                                                                close to the border lands.

                                                Virtues: They serve the Almighty by providing the power for miracles in the name of God. 
                                                                They are responsible for carrying out the rewards and punishments as decreed
                                                                by the most high.

                                                Dominions: They oversee the Powers and the Virtues.  They are responsible for
                                                                       maintaining a “spiritual” balance between heaven and the earth.

                                                The closest circle of angels that serve God directly.  They do not necessarily
                                                have wings as is so often portrayed

                                                Thrones: Usually described as looking like wheels of fire.  They are considered to be
                                                                  the dispensers of God’s justice.

                                                Cherubim: Among this group, some common belief systems hold, that this is where
                                                                     Satan originated from.  These angels are the “spirits of the harmonies.” 
                                                                     They oversee the fixed stars, keepers of celestial records, bestowers of

                                                 Seraphim: This is the closest group to the Almighty.  They unceasingly chant holy
                                                                      praises to the Almighty Father.  They are said to be four in number.  They
                                                                      are referred to as the four holy beasts in the Book of Revelation and are
                                                                      described as angels with four faces and six wings.