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                                                                                                          What is a Solar Return?

                    Solar Returns in astrology chart the return of the Sun in your chart every year on your birthday.  The Sun returns to it's
position (sign) not necessarily the same house, as in your birth chart.  Because we have a leap year every four
                    years, Solar return charts change about 6 hours every year.  This means that the Sun will return at a time, other than your
                    birth time, and probably a day or two before or after your birth date.  Because it is also generally a 6 hour difference, you
                    can chart the movement of the Sun in relationship to various events and lessons in your life.  Also, the Sun will move 3
                    houses clock wise every year in your Solar return chart, where you will be able to chart exactly what area of your life is
                    being affected the most in your annual Solar return.

                    So for example, if in 2003 your Solar return has your Sun in the 11th house, in 2004 the Sun will have made its way into
                    your 8th house.  In 2005, the Sun will be in your 5th house and so on.

                    So what can Solar return charts tell us?  Well, in seeing that the Sun tells us about your sense of individuality, strongest
of self expression, your creativity, confidence and where you will shine the most, Solar returns can tell us in what
(house placement) of your life will be the most affected and important in your annual Solar return.  If the Sun is in the
                    6th house, this can show that your Solar return can have something to do with your work life, environment, relationship
                    to your co-workers and
also health.  If it happens to fall into your 2nd house, this can show that your personal finances
                    will be an area to watch, possessions, and your beliefs and values in life will be affected as well.  If your Sun happens to
                    be in the 10th house, it can be your career direction, relationship to authority figures and also your marriage that are
                    most affected.

                    You must also look at what aspects does your Sun make to other planets, asteroids, and houses in your Solar return chart. 
                    This will reveal what areas and tendencies you will need to watch out for. 

                     Solar returns last for one year and can reveal the biggest lesson and area of your life, for that one year that will be most
                     affected and most important to keep an eye out for.

                     Your Solar return chart can be calculated by an astrologer in order to give you proper insight into the yearly lesson and
                     where the focus of your year will be for that year.