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                                                                                  Akashic Records: God's Book of Remembrance

The Akashic Records are the recorded history all of us have, stored in what could be referred to as the database or      
                        computer warehouse of our soul history.  The word “Akash” or “Akasha” is sanskrit and means “sky” or “etheric
  Akasha is not a material in the physical plane, but is affected by our thoughts, deeds, and  word done
                        in the physical plane.  The Akashic records are an etheric substance, contained in the spiritual realms. 

                        Sometimes referred to as God’s Book of Remembrance, or The Book of Life, the Akashic Records contain every    
                        thought, deed, action ever carried out by you and I in all of our lives, here on earth, including the present one you are
                        living.  Each of us is our own author.  We create it as we live it.

                        Why are these records so important.  Well, they are the storehouse that each of draws from when we are faced with           
                        choices and make decisions based upon how we feel about something or make decisions in our lives.  In doing so, we
our lives in accordance with universal principles, ultimately Love.

                        It is from here that we can draw upon what our past lives have been and how we can rectify areas in our lives which we
                        would term “trouble spots.”  It is important to note that the Akasha are greatly affected by everything and anything we
                        do each and everyday of our physical lives.  Hence, it is vital to hold true to an ideal in life and live it according to the
                        principle of Love.

                        Everything we have ever done, been or will be doing, is and will be recorded upon these records.  They will never be
                        erased but  can be added to.  It is important to be aware of this information as we can align our lives with the universal
                        plan in being aware consciously of all that we do.  If there are things we feel we are doing in secret which we feel
                        we will never be caught with or have revealed, think again.  Everything in the Akashic Records will be
                        exposed when we review our life following our passing from the physical plane.  Any areas which we have
                        not learned to live with love or forgiveness,  will ultimately drive us back to the earth plan to work on it once

                        The following passages in scripture make reference to this area:  Exodus 32:32, Psalm 139, Daniel 7:10, Rev 20:12,
                        Philippians 4.

                        Due to the delicate nature and purpose of the Akashic Records, it is important to know that if you want to live a
life, it is important to write a productive script. Be conscious of the "intentions" behind your deeds,
, and words. Live according to your highest ideal; and be aware of what you are planting, for when the day of
                        harvest comes, you want to reap the benefits and create the best story that you can.