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Dowsing: Water Witching

                  Dowsing can be considered divining for something that is desired.  Most people may know or be familiar with dowsing
                  as the art of looking for water underground with a forked twig, also known as “water witching.”  Most farmers and those
                  living in the country or rural areas would be familiar with this technique.  Many have used it to “dowse” out the most potable
                  vein of water for a well on their land.

                  But dowsing is not limited to simply dowsing for water.  It can be used for almost anything.  You can use dowsing to locate
                  underground artifacts, cables, missing people, simple yes/no answers to questions, as well as finding out the safety of
                  foods to eat and the health of your body.  Dowsing is limitless.

                  Historically, dowsing stretches as far back as 8,000 years ago and there are pictures in the caves of Libya where people
                  at that time were drawn using dowsing tools.  Many ancient civilizations used dowsing as a way of finding buried treasured
                  and giving it to the governments in charge, in order to strengthen their political hold on the economy.  Dowsing has been
                  used in the creation of mines in order to find the best spot to drill for natural resources, coal, oil and gas.

                  Many in the past have considered dowsing to be the work of some evil force, when in fact it is not.  It is actually stated in
                  the Old Testament that dowsing was used by MosesNumbers 20:8-11 Moses was said to have struck a rock in
                  the desert with a rod which produced enough water for the people and their cattle.  So long as the rods were
                  used in compliance with the will of God, they were acceptable for the Lord’s work.

                  So how and why does dowsing work.  Dowsing is not reserved for special or unique people.  It is available for all who are
                  willing to develop and use it responsibility in service to others.  The art of dowsing can be developed and used by anyone. 

                                                                          Dowsing Tools

                  Dowsing tools range from: Rods, Bobbers, Pendulums, to your hands and body.  Dowsing tools are exactly that,
                  tools.  They do not make you dowse, or allow you to dowse.  They are tools that give confirmation while you dowse.  In
                  dowsing, you are tapping into the vast storehouse of information we all have which is our subconscious, or “Higher Self”
                  which knows all.  In dowsing, we are tapping into this vast array of information and get confirmation of our information
                  through our tools.  In using pendulums, we hold them in our hands and let them hang freely.  But until we ask for information
                  to a specific question, it will not move as it will have no information to reveal to us.  In using forked twigs to dowse out
                  underground water, our deep subconscious already knows the answer, but in using the forked twigs, they will move either
                  up or down when you have found what you were looking for.  Our tools allow us to get confirmation of the information we
                  are dowsing out for. 

                                                                How can we learn to dowse?
                  As stated above, we all possess the ability to dowse, but not all of us have it developed.  It can be developed by anyone
                  who is willing to use it for the benefit of all.  This is important to note, as if we are using it for selfish purpose, it will either
                  not work, or you will derive incorrect information.  Spirit will not allow us to seek information to our demise, so the information
                  is protected.  Learning to dowse can take many forms.  Practice is obviously the key but also it is important to know why
                  you want to develop your dowsing ability.  What is the intention?  The most effective way of learning to dowse is through
                  meditation.  I stress this because it is through meditation that we all come into contact and can develop our personal
                  relationship with our higher self, which has our greatest and highest good waiting for us all.  In learning to tap into this
                  higher self, we attune ourselves to our purpose and can therefore commune with the divine within.  Our dowsing information
                  will become more accurate and stronger over time. 

                                                                      Pregnancy dowsing
                  Most women will be familiar with dowsing through what is called pregnancy dowsing.  This is where a woman would hold a
                  neck chain in their hands with a ring suspended to it on the bottom.  They would hold out their left hand and hold the neck
                  chain in their right hand.  By asking how many children they will have and the sex of each child the pendulum will swing in
                  the appropriate manner in order to reveal the information. 

                                                            How to program your pendulum

                  When starting off in dowsing, your pendulum will move for you if you are attuned enough to it.  It will move in its own motion
                  and direction.  But you can do what is called pendulum programming.  This is a very simple technique.  Before using your
                  pendulum, you state to your higher self and to your pendulum that you want your “yes” answer to move in a clockwise
                  motion and your “no” answer to move in an up and down motion.  You are then stating how “you” want your pendulum to
                  move for certain answers, thereby programming it to a personal level. 

                                                                              In closing

                  Like a mechanic already knowing everything there is to know about a vehicle, we already possess all the information we
                  need to know for everything.  But, a mechanic will use tools to make the job easier and more efficient.  Such as that in
                  dowsing, a dowser has access to many tools which the job easier to do and more efficient and accurate.