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Karma and Reincarnation                     

                   Most of the time in today’s world, the word karma strikes a chord with many people.  If something goes wrong or is out of
                   line with our perception of how life should be, we refer to it as “Well it must be my karma”. 

                   Q.  So this brings us to the point, what is karma?

                   A.  Karma is used philosophically to indicate conditions in the present stemming from thoughts and actions in the past. 
                         It's Sanskrit meaning encompasses both action and reaction or (consequences).  It's Hindu meaning encompasses
                         work, or labor of the soul
seeking to attain union with God, or the Creative Forces.  Today we think of it as the
                         law of cause and effect.

                         The Edgar Cayce readings maintain that each person is responsible for the circumstances that they find themselves
                          in.  We are not the innocent victims of our environment, but we are simply meeting “ourselves”.  If we do not at least
                          consider the implications of karma, most situations in the world would have no meaning as to why they exist.

                         If we look at 2 excerpts from scripture, we leave it to the interpretation of the reader to evaluate for themselves what
                         its meaning is.

                         Matthew 5:18 – "For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the
                                                        law, until all be fulfilled".

                         Luke 16:17 - And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

                         What is the “law” that both Matthew and Luke make reference to?  This is up to the reader to decide.

                         Meeting self, according to the Cayce readings is actually meeting the consequences of our own actions or attitudes. 
                         This meeting also includes our previous thoughts and emotions.  We reincarnate, or live again, in the earth to face
                          the results we have brought about.  Not only do we make choices daily, but we have made choices in our previous
                          lives for which we are responsible.  We are free to choose, but we must realize that within each choice are future
                          choices.  The consequences of our choices are the “jot and tittle” we must face. Karma is immutable, we
                          cannot escape it.


                           This word has caused many debates about the source and reason for creation and life itself.  Why are there so
                            many questions about it?  Is it fact or fiction?  If it really exists, why don’t we remember?

                            Reincarnation is the belief that we live countless lifetimes, until we reach a point that we no longer have to come
                            back into the physical to live another life in the body.  When you look at the spelling of the word, we see that its root
                            lies in the idea that we come back into the body.  “Re” (to return, or do over), “carna” (meat) “ion”
                            (creative spirit, God force)
.  So what is it that comes back into the body to live again?  Well, this is the story of the
                            soul’s eternal quest to make its way back to its maker.

                            Many in the Eastern world take reincarnation to not only be a fact, but a way of life.  Many believe that their departed
                            loved ones will one day live again in the physical once their current life is over.  So why has the Western world not
                            believe it as strongly or believe it at all? 

                            Well, in the Bible, we are told that man is destined to live once, die and then the judgment.  So, many people believe
                            that this states that reincarnation cannot be real.  However, if we look at the fact that man is made in the image of the
                            creator, and we know that the creator is eternal/spirit, then man must be spirit as well.  For man carries the image of
                            its infinite creator.  There cannot be eternal life in a finite creation.  That must mean then that man is eternal.  So is
                            the Bible wrong.  Not exactly.  Man is spirit, however human existence is physical.  Humans die, for humans are made
                            from the earth.  "Man" is contained within the human creation or physical body.  Man is the spiritual component, or
                            soul in the image of the infinite God.

                            Once our bodies perish, our souls leave and wait for another opportunity to return into another physical existence. 

                            So if reincarnation does exist, why is it not in the bible, or is it?

                            The following excerpt from a trance reading through Edgar Cayce from the book “There is a River” written by
                            Thomas Sugrue, page 291 can give us some insight.  The question was posed to Cayce and this is what the Source
                                     “The Source answered this question in a reading given about Gnosticism, a doctrine practiced by an early
                                       sect of the Christian church.  In this reading the Source said that reincarnation was a commonly accepted
                                       belief until early church leaders began to develop “set rules,” which were, according to the Source,
                                       “attempts to take shortcuts.”  The concept of personal responsibility disturbed the Christian fathers because
                                       of the degree of culpability (responsibility) it placed on an individual.  If man himself had chosen the circumstances
                                       of his life, he couldn’t claim to be the victim of bad luck, since it was his own actions, thoughts, and attitudes as
                                       developed in previous incarnations that were holding him back.  But this change in church doctrine was, the
                                       Source implied, shortsighted.  This same reading pointed out, “There are (no shortcuts) in Christianity!”

                            Other excerpts from Scripture that can give insight or references to reincarnation are the following: Proverbs 8:22-31,
                            Solomon 8:19-20, Romans 9:11-14, Job 1:20-21, Revelation 3:12, Malachi 4:5, Matthew 16:13, Luke 9:1-3,
13:10, Obadiah1:15, Luke 11:52.  All of these examples give insight into the possibility of reincarnation
                            in the Bible. 
                            We live it up to the reader to decide for themselves.

                            When one looks at the validity or logical application of reincarnation, you can see, that through the opportunities of
                            countless lifetimes, the creator is giving its creation (Man) every opportunity to go back home through the process of
                            learning through trial and error.  If it were only one lifetime and we could not get it “right,” this would place too much
                            emphasis on our lives and being fatalistic, as well as put a label of elitism on any religion claiming to have the “answer”
                            to get into heaven.

                           But when looking at life from the philosophy of reincarnation, the love, mercy, patience and forgiveness of a loving
                           father is at the center.  As a parent patiently waiting for its child to grow into adulthood and watch it struggle but grow
                           through its various stages of growth in life, so God patiently waits for his souls to learn through their various lifetimes,
                           learning to live in harmony with universal law, Love, for us to make our way back to our heavenly abode.

                           So the natural question remains, why can’t we remember our past lives, or do we?  Well, part of the answer lies in the
                           fact that, it has been kept from us by design.  If we remembered everything from our past and could not handle it in the
                           present, it would do us no good at all.  Think of it, if you were sitting at a table for a family dinner and had a recollection
                           of your siblings being the exact people in a past life that caused you the most hurt.  Would you truly want to know that
                           memory at a dinner or in this lifetime at all?  Unless you could handle that information, it would have to be kept from you.

                           The following are some possible reasons we do not remember our past lives:

                           1.  It comes naturally with the passage of time.  With all the lifetimes we live, it is only natural that we will forget some

                           2.  It gives us a fresh start each lifetime.  If do not remember our most recent lifetime, whether good or bad, we have
                                a clean slate to start this lifetime off in a fresh, new direction.

                           3.  It can guard us against complacency.  So what that you were a king or a queen in a past life, what matters is what
                                happens now.  Do not rest on your laurels.

                           4.  Forgetting our past lives helps us to face our life lessons at a pace we can handle.  If we remembered everything,
                                we would be overwhelmed.  But to remember pieces in increments we can handle, life allows us to live our lives
                                at a pace we can learn things through patiently.

                           Last but not least, the creator may purposely not allow us to remember for the sake of personal protection.  By having
                           a veil dropped in our consciousness, we must rely upon, not what we think, but what we feel.  Thereby, having us rely
                           upon the development of our love, which leads us ultimately to Christ consciousness and unconditional love.