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                                                                                                           Careers by Zodiac Sign

                 One of the biggest questions people have in life is "what should I do with my career?"  "What career path would
                 be best suited for me."  These are all really good questions and do require some thought on the part of the
                 individual in question to make the choice that is "right" for themselves.  We all fit different roles, have different
                 talents, gifts and qualities that make us better suited for certain roles over others.  We may have a natural talent
                 to be a musician, yet others are better suited for being teachers, nurses, lawyers, or work for the government. 
                 Many may question whether the career path they have chosen, or seemingly have "fallen" into is the correct one
                 for them. 
                 The information below is a list of the 12 zodiac signs followed by what career paths may be best suited to those
                 signs.  Keep in mind though that there are many variables to take into account when considering career choices,
                 whether you are starting work for the first time or are making a career change.  You need to take into account
                 and evaluate your current lifestyle position at the time and whether a move would be the correct thing or not.
                 Also, it is very important to keep in mind, that in order to evaluate what path may be best and what talents you
                 may draw from, it is advisable to consider having an astrological birth chart done with the correct information. 
                 The reason is that an astrologer can help you decipher what qualities make up your chart in relation to your birth
                 planets and what qualities may affect your career path, money house (earning potential), daily work and your life
                 path lesson in this lifetime. 
                 It can also give you insights into the "timing" of the events affecting you at that moment you are making your
                            Aries  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Libra  Scorpio  Sagittarius  Capricorn  Aquarius  Pisces

                              Aries - People born under this sign are characterized by their leadership potential, being the idea
                                               person, pioneering, impulsive action, outspoken, very strong-willed, and creative.  Being a
                                               fire sign, your creative side is what your strength is.  Areas in media, television, radio,
                                               newsprint, advertising, architecture, the military, law enforcement, policing, or anything to
                                               do with implementing force or an aggressive-assertive approach is where you would fit best.

                              Taurus - People born under this sign are about resourcefulness, acquisition, the arts.  Being an
                                                 earth sign they are practical, methodical, determined, dependable, and a realist.  Any
                                                 finance area usually suits them from banking, accounting, and property, to science, the
                                                 arts and stocks.  Being the sign that rules money, any area that is about "material worth"
                                                 is where you would fit best.

                               Gemini - This is the air sign of the thinker, seeker of information and giver of same.  This is the
                                                   communication sign.  They are usually optimists, inquisitive, and full of energy.  Areas
                                                   that require different forms of communication are where you will shine the most.  From
                                                   sales, to travel, travel guide, teacher, librarian, writer, author, lecture speaker and
                                                   possibly banking.

                              Cancer - People born under this sign are typified by nurturance, healing and emotionally supportive. 
                                                 They protective, nurturing, philosophical, and can be dramatic.  Careers best suited to you
                                                 are psychology, teaching, social work, massage therapy, aromatherapy, or anything where
                                                 your "nurturing" drive can be utilized best. 

                              Leo - People born under this sign are usually characterized by their creative urge and the ability to
                                             accept "praise" and "attention" for their creative expression.  They are natural born leaders
                                             who can be very gregarious.  Their qualities are leadership, spontaneity, independence, and
                                             a magnetic personality.  Creative careers are usually their best fit from ceo's, managers,
                                             government workers in leadership roles, musicians, sports athletes, or wherever they are
                                             able to "give off" their creative drive.

                              Virgo - People born under this sign are usually characterized by their attention to detail and desire
                                               to be of service to others.  They are precise, witty, perfectionists, orderly, and neat.  But
                                               can also be self-critical.  Careers that suit them best are technicians, working with statistics,
                                               medicine overall, translator, social worker, working with the elderly, accounting, or research
                                               of any kind.  Anything utilizing your "precise" approach is where you will fit best.

                              Libra - People born under this sign are characterized by their desire for balance, diplomacy, and
                                               tact.  They are sociable, charming, and co-operative.  Careers suited for them range from
                                               lawyer, mediator, negotiations, counselor, specialize in contracts, legalities, or administration. 
                                               They are also very attracted to art so and can also find a fit in the financial sector.  Their
                                               desire for balance and moderation is their key.

                              Scorpio - People born under this sign are usually characterized by their intensity, commitment and
                                                  almost aggressive war-like attitude.  Careers that usually suit them are investigations,
                                                  investing other people's money, accounting, banking in finance or mortgages, espionage,
                                                  physics, research, crime solving, or law enforcement.  Their intensity is their key.

                              Sagittarius - People born under this sign are usually characterized by their desire to see the word
                                                      through travel, connections to foreign lands, philosophy and desire for education.  They
                                                      are positive have boundless energy, travellers, and have a strong spiritual side.  Careers
                                                      suited to them are public relations, theology, teaching in universities or colleges, priests,
                                                      nuns, addictions counselors, travel industry, and media relations.  Their desire for
                                                      education and goal setting is their key.

                              Capricorn - People born under this sign are usually characterized by ambition, dependability,
                                                      responsibility, organizational ability, and goal oriented.  Careers suited here range from
                                                      doctors, accountants, lawyers, management, land developers, president of companies,
                                                      self-employment or positions to do with being at the top.  Their diligence and desire to
                                                      conquer obstacles is their key.  They are earth signs and are practical and work with
                                                      daily matters in the here and now.

                              Aquarius - People born under this sign are usually characterized by their unconventional approach
                                                    to life, and willingness to challenge the norm.  They are usually intelligent, original,
                                                    humanitarian, and visionary and typically rule the sign of genius.  Careers suited here
                                                    are aviation, poetry, electronics, humanitarian projects and involvements and social
                                                    causes.  They are air signs that are heavily into working for the masses and anything to
                                                    do with assisting the groups.

                              Pisces - People born under this sign are characterized by their dream like attitude and approach to
                                                life.  They are dreamers at heart and have watery like eyes.  They are friendly, very
                                                sensitive, artistic, compassionate and spiritual.  They can be mirrors for others.  Careers
                                                include the arts, drama, painting, music and positions of philanthropy.  Their sensitive
                                                nature makes them natural spiritual babies.