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                                                    Past Lives: Why Don't We Remember Them?  How Can We Recall Them

                  The acceptance or recall of past lives has always been an area that has raised intrigue and interest because of what the possibilities are. 
                  However, if in fact past lives have truly occurred and there is any information we can draw from them to help us in our current life, why then
                  can we not remember them?  The following poses some possible answers to this question as well as possibilities where we can recall them
                  and use them to help us in our daily lives.

                  Forgetfulness comes naturally with the passing of time:  How many of us can actually remember the very first steps we
                  took as children, our very first words we spoke, the very first day of school, the very first meal we had, our very first birthday, or even
                  when we started to grow our teeth?  Not many of us, if any at all can answer yes to all of these questions or even a few with such detail
                  that we know for a FACT we were there and recall it instantly without any question.  But we know we had to have been there because
                  we would not be where we are today if we had not passed through that stage of our lives to get to where we are.  But why can we not
                  remember them at all?  Very simply, with the passage of time and having gone through those experiences, we took what we needed and
                  continued on our way to grow up.  So it is with past lives.  However, being able to assist children along the way as they are born, we can
                  naturally assist them with their growth by sharing what we know, intuitively.

                  We cannot remember the lifetime we had where we garnered such an interest working with fashion, medicine, art, or whatever the interest
                  might be, though we know that for some reason, we naturally have an inkling toward an area(s) of life now that we just know or were drawn
                  to.  We seem naturally good at it, gravitate to it, and continue to grow, but where did it come from.  This can be attributed to having done it
                  before, in our past life or lives.  If we cannot remember events as recent as these in our current life, how would we be able to recall any
                  lifetime even 500 years back or more?  Almost next to impossible.

                  Forgetfulness gives us a fresh new start each lifetime:  Until the time comes, and it will sooner or later, that we can accept
                  what we have done with our past lives, we will not be able to consciously recall them, as some of the memories of past lives would better
                  be left unrecalled.  Imagine remembering we killed small children, were the perpetrators in the past where we caused others to starve,
                  cheated others out of money, did not show or plant love unconditionally, were one of histories criminals or murderers, or better yet, took
                  pleasure in the torturing of others or their plights and took advantage of them at their weakest moments.  These memories would cause
                  more harm than good, and in fact, may even drive us further into our own karma if not handled with the proper understanding and
                  application of unconditional love.

                 We may, in our present lives have "tendencies" that we naturally gravitate toward, people that we either get along with and others that
                 we cannot stand being around.  Food allergies, blood problems, physical challenges, health issues, rashes on the body, inability to face
                 our greatest fears until we come face to face with them, are all areas that we come face to face with our past.  Each lifetime allows us
                 to start off fresh, until the time comes that we can handle small pieces that will eventually allow us to work with the big picture.

                 Forgetfulness helps to guard us against complacency:  So what if we were Cleopatra, a Roman Emperor, one of the
                 disciples, a wonderful medical doctor, Joan of Ark, the president of a country, or a significant business person in a past life or lives.  That
                 was then, this is now.  What we may have done in the past is exactly there, in the past, not present.  Whatever title we may have held,
                 position of state we may have had or position of power we may have held, they are past incarnations that have been dealt with.  We need
                 to work with the present life in order to grow.

                 Not being able to recall these lifetimes may be a good thing for those of us who may tend to rest on our laurels and sit on the idea that we
                 have "already done this."  Again, we may carry the tendencies of these lifetimes, but we need to continue to aspire onward and upward
                 rather than sit on the idea that we have already done it and allow our ego to lead us astray.

                 Forgetfulness allows us to handle our life lessons at a pace that we can handle:  If we can learn to apply the lessons
                 we have at hand allow ourselves to live for today, and tomorrow will take care of itself, we will position ourselves to be able to handle our
                 lessons more efficiently.  In this lifetime, we may be experiencing financial or love hardships or both.  But in handling our current issues with
                 the faith that tomorrow will bring other lessons, we will bring patience and understanding into our lives.  In dealing with them efficiently now
                 we invite a future life or lives where we reap the benefits of our current life.  So in having the opportunity to give direction to others in this
                 life whether it be financial, emotional, or just be a friend, we may have the opportunity to come back in to be better off financially, be more
                 at peace in our love lives and have good relations with others overall.  Why?  Because we planted the seed earlier and allowed it to
                 germinate in the future.  Every lifetime is a stepping stone to the next, just as the one(s) before this one were the stepping stones for the
                 current one.

                 Keep in mind that all lives are based on and shaped by the choices we make in each one.  Each choice is driven by the spirit behind the
                 action, which is driven by the individual making the choice.  So in essence, the onus and responsibility is squarely on the individual to choose
                 constructively each time, with the ideal of "what will bring me closer to my god" and planted with the intent of sincerity and love.  This puts
                 to rest the idea of being punished by life, or god (or whatever personal concept you may have about this).

                 Choice must be exercised through Free Will and Love not Biase:  Imagine sitting across the table at a family or friends
                gathering with the complete recollection of the past life or lives you have lived with those in attendance.  Your father may have been a past
                abusive partner, your mother was the sister you did not get along with, your friends cheated you out of business ventures and took your
                money, or on the flip side, there may be some present that you absolutely love being in the presence of and get along with them.  UNLESS
                you have at least worked with or mastered the ability to control your ego and desire to seek revenge, the ability not to remember these
                circumstances fully works in your favor ultimately.  You need to choose out of love to work with your current situations without being
                hampered by past biases.  When you start working with it this way, you start to clean your slate through loving choices which ultimately
                lead to liberation from the situation or person(s) involved.  A lesson will be repeated until it is learned.

                                             How Can We Tap Into Past Life Recall and Use the Information for Our Benefit

             Psychic ReadingsSeeking out a psychic reader who uses various forms of psychic ability or tools will allow us to obtain some
                information from our past lives.  Clairvoyant readings, Tarot Cards, Astrology, Palmistry, Auras, Hypnotherapy with the "intent" of requesting
                past life insight, Numerology, Channeling, and so on are all ways among others to obtain past life insight.

                Your own Unconscious Mind:  The ability to use hypnotic regression to uncover past life challenges, limitations and understanding
                is one key way to do it. 

                Everyday Challenges:  If we encounter issues in our daily lives dealing with love, career decisions, family life, whatever the areas may
                be, you can almost rest assured that where the issues lay is most certainly where you have hit a past life lesson.  Why?  Because any
                situation which challenges you and prolongs your ability to make a clear, concise choice at any time is typically where you have hit an
                area which is unresolved.

                Dreams:  Asking your own subconscious mind to reveal hidden areas to help you in your waking life is another way to use potential past
                life recall.  There are some drawbacks with this though.  How do you distinguish real from fantasy?  How do you decipher symbols rich
                in information?  How do we remember them when we wake up?  Dreams are a great way to do this though as our subconscious stores

                Meditation:  As we work with our higher selves in moments of meditation, being able to calm our mind and free it of everyday clutter,
                worries and concerns, we open ourselves to inner guidance.  When we seek with sincerity and allow spirit to guide us rather than working
                without inner guidance, we allow our own souls to help us make choices that are in line with our highest purpose.  This ultimately leads to
                inner enlightening and being able to hear the inner voice even more.

                                                                         Principles to Live by in Past Life Recall

             We Will Never Have Complete Proof of Accuracy 100% No matter how much those of us who truly believe
                reincarnation really exists or is at work, we will never have complete proof of it no matter what.  You cannot prove it beyond the shadow of
                a doubt, however we will have daily experiences that may truly point to it.  Do not live trying to prove it or live as though it is real at any
                cost, this will be completely self driven.  We must live our own lives according to our own principles for what is right and true for us, which
                may not apply to everyone.

                Valid or Relative Past Life Information is Where it Works For You:  You may receive many readings which allude to
                "possible" past life possibilities, however only a few, if any may really make sense or fit overall.  You need to discern what really may fit
                 for you and may actually make sense.  You need to see how relative the obtained information is in your current life and how it may answer
                 what it is that you are currently going through or already understand about yourself.

                 Past Life Information is Proven or Disproven Over Time:  Any past life information you receive through a reading or
                 may obtain on your own through meditation or dreams, can only really be proven to be right or fit, over time.  You need to see how relative
                 the information fits for you over a period of time and if you to express the tendencies that your past life information reveals.

                 Credit given to some of the above information to the book Reincarnation: Claiming your past, Creating your future, by Lynn Elwell Sparrow.