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Christ Consciousness

                   Throughout history there have been many attempts to distinguish and explain exactly what it is that we are here, on earth
                    to do if in fact we are here for a purpose.  If there is order to chaos, or if life has any general direction.

                    The advent of all the religions in the world have made an attempt to explain and answer what it is that we are living for
                    and why on this planet.  Is there a God that truly does rule all?

                     From all over the world, many religious leaders and people of all faiths hold certain figures in prestige and honor,
                     holding them above all else and others.  One such figure is Jesus.  Many refer to him and know him as the Son of God. 
                     Yet others as a highly acclaimed Messiah.  Yet, others simply look at him as a man who was a prophet.

                     They are all right in relation to their ability to understand what they know.  He is referred to as Jesus Christ, yet Christ
                     was not his last name, nor was it the last name of his family

                     The word “Christ” is actually known to mean, “Anointed One.”  It is a level if you will, or a state.  If we look at Christ
                     as being a level or state of consciousness, then the term Jesus Christ can be looked at as Jesus the Christ

                     One of the main things that most of us have forgotten is that we are and have been created in the image of an eternal
                     creator.  A creator that desires nothing more than for its children to return home to where they came from.  Some believe
                     that we are spiritual beings encased in human form, living here to experience human life on this planet.  Others believe
                     that life is a chance encounter and you do the best you can.

                     In looking at the concept of the Christ consciousness and relating this to Jesus, we can see that he was a leader and an
                     inspirational one at that.  But how did Jesus do what he did, or teach what he taught, or understand life as he did? 
                     Well, this is where the Christ consciousness comes in.

                     It is important to note that on some level, it is believed that Jesus was the man, Christ is the messenger.  What does
                     that mean?  Well, it can represent that Jesus aspired and attained the level of Christ consciousness, which in fact
                     put him in direct connection and relation to the eternal creator.  But let it be known, that what he accomplished can be
                     done by either of us at any time, so long as we aspire to and live within the framework of Christ love.  As we live in
                     accordance to universal, not physical law that is in the name of unconditional love, we open ourselves up to receiving
                     an understanding that transcends physical limitations.  It allows us to see beyond the physical to remind and educate
                     us that there is another world, consciousness and dimension beyond our own that is waiting for us to open up to it. 

                     One can say that Christ incarnated into Jesus when Jesus was ready to handle the vibrational change required to
                     hold such a state of consciousness.  How?  Through sincere meditation, standard of living toward others, and a
                     constant reflection upon his life to live in accordance with universal law to forgive others sincerely.  Such is the
                     concept of unconditional love.

                     Consciousness represents the mind it is not a physical thing.  But have someone describe to you what an idea looks
                     like before they put it down on paper.  They cannot fully describe it without creating it.  In the same manner, to become
to the Christ consciousness one must live a life in accordance with it and give it form by exemplifying it
                     through their actions.  In doing so, you attract others who are like minded or are looking for understanding.

                     In a real way, Jesus walked the pattern that is needed to attain the Christ likeness.  We must remember that we are
                     children made in the likeness of a loving father.  A creator who wants us to remember our true heritage by loving
                     ourselves and treating others in the same manner.  In doing so, we restore our natural heritage among ourselves and
                     restore our natural peace within,
                     and bringing it out.