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I found Robert through the Juicy Stuff website and decided to try out the free reading.  I enjoyed his answer and
              optimism regarding my circumstances; and made an appointment to have a tarot card reading.  I have had
              readings done with other people but found Robert to be the most personable and the most accurate.  In my most
              recent reading, he told me that a job opportunity would occur in March and to keep that in mind.  February came
              and I interviewed for a position and was offered the job and made a verbal agreement.  I told a friend and her
              department needed a person so she offered me a job as well!!  I was utterly stunned over what was occurring.  I
              now had two job offers and was conflicted about what to do.  His insight and advice put my mind at ease and I
              made my decision.  I signed the contract in March and started at the end of the month.
              When I first met him I could see how passionate he was about his work; and his compassion and concern shines
              through when discussing your difficulties with him.  If you have a reading he will be honest, understanding and
              trustworthy, and will treat your situation with the utmost discretion.  I highly recommend his services and will
              continue to see him when I need clarification on a problem.

               Jannie Tsang

                  Robert Petrungaro has supported 2 fundraising events at CIBC and they are CIBC Run For The Cure and our
              United Way Campaign Robert provided his excellent service of Tarot Card Reading for a nominal fee.  On both
              occasions we raised a substantial amount of money for the charities and he was booked solid.  Some individuals
              were repeat customers of Robert's and I had very positive feedback from all.     
              We look forward in having Robert return for our future fundraising events.

                  Darlene Murray
              Senior Consultant
              Customer Offers
              Small Business Banking

               As a Tarot Card and Birth Chart reader, Robert is very accurate and detailed.  His ability to interpret the cards
               and present their meanings in a clear and valid way is one of his strongest talents.  I have worked with Robert,
               both, individually and on a public level and, based on his insight, have incorporated him into various facets of
               my life and work.

               Leanne Minichillo

                Robert Petrungaro has supported our fundraising events in the past.  He was incredibly easy to work with and
                understanding of the parameters surrounding the event environment.  Our participants loved his services and
                raved about his insight so much that we have invited him back for the next event!  We would highly recommend
               Robert for any event looking for something unique that will leave the participants wanting more.

               Christine McLaughlin
               Muki Baum Treatment Centres


                   "Passionate, accurate and insightful.  Robert's consultations are delivered with the integrity that anyone seeking
                 a reading would want."

                Angelo Corriero
                (formerly of the Learning Annex of Toronto)       
                "I have been associated with Robert Petrungaro for several years now both as a friend and as a business
                acquaintance.  He has an amazing gift not only as a psychic and astrologer but also in the way he relates to
                people.  He has a deep understanding of people's problems, hopes, fears and desires.  Each year he attends
               my Cougar Cruise, an evening for singles on Lake Ontario, and his readings are undoubtedly one of the event's
               highlights and have helped to make the cruise the success it has become."

                Valerie Gibson
                Sex and Relationship Columnist (formerly of the Toronto Sun)
                Radio and Television Personality


                In November of 2004 I had organized a United Way campaign for my workplace.  Through some business
                contacts I had heard of Robert, so I contacted him, and organized a Tarot Card reading for our United Way
                campaign.  Needless to say that the event sold out in 15 minutes of announcement.  We had only enough time
                for Robert to see 20 people, and EVERY person came out saying nothing but great comments about Robert. 
               One friend shared her reading with me, Robert told her a new job offer would come to her, that night when she
               got home there was a full time job offered to her.  She was flabbergasted and so was I. 
               I would definitely recommend Robert to anyone!  I also look forward to inviting Robert to many parties and
               events myself and my friends may have for the future.

               Thank you Robert and keep up the great work!

               Amanda Wellspring
               My name is Michele Gangbar.  I have had several Tarot Card readings, along with other readings in the areas
               of the mystic world.  The Tarot Card reading I received from Robert Petrungaro was right on.  This is the first
               Tarot Card reading that has been exact.  I highly recommend Robert for his Tarot Card readings and any of his
               other offers in the mystic world.

               Michele Gangbar
               Metamorpheses and Women

               I met Robert through a fund-raising event and in our first phone conversation I was impressed with his
               knowledge about Astrology.  His accuracy fascinates me and I would recommend his services to anyone. 
               Robert's passion on this subject is evident from the first time you speak with him.

               Cindy Stradling
               Athena Training and Consulting
               All the best,

               "Robert's predictions for the future are intense and intriguing.  The facts are not transparent, until you find
                 that events take shape out of nowhere and follow the path as predicted.  Even when Robert goes back to the
                 past events it is exactly as he sees it, even though subconsciously we tend to hide from our past, he reads into
                 the past like an open book."....this was the feedback from the group that participated in the Halloween Event
                 of 2003.

                 Jennifer Dalgado
                 Halloween Corporate Event
                 TD Wealth Management HR
                 Administrative Assistant
                 TD Wealth Management - Custodial Operations

                      Robert was awesome! His Tarot Card readings were hugely popular and added much fun and excitement to
                  our Relay For Life event in Richmond Hill.
                  From the moment he arrived until the time he left, people were lined up and anxiously awaiting their turn with
                  Robert and he never disappointed.

                       Angela Ciccotelli
                  Relay For Life Committee
                  Canadian Cancer Society
            Robert has this innate ability to show me insightful realizations about inherent problems that are not necessarily
                  my fault but are my life's challenges to work out.  Knowing this makes me understand that there are some things
                  out of my control, but he makes me understand that I can recognize the issues enough to work on them.  He is
                  truly gifted and helpful in showing me the way rather than forecasting it.

                  Anne Anderson
                  National Event Management






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