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Psychic Reading Links
Tarot Card Readings                      Astrology Readings                   Numerology Readings
                            1. Tarot Card Reading (Individual)     1. Birth Chart                             1. Personal Life Report
                            2. Group Parties                               2. Relationship Compatibility       2. Relationship Compatibility
                                                                                   3. Solar Return (Annual)             3. Personal Year Report
                                                                                   4. Baby Astrology Chart             4. Name Changes Report
                                                                                                                                       (Baby Names/Company
                                                                                                                                        Names/Personal Names)

       Readings can be done by:
                                   - Getting together
                                   - Phone
                                   - MSN Messenger
                                   - Skype
and Numerology reports can be e-mailed.  Please contact me before purchasing a
reading or making arrangements to have one.

1                                  3                                 5                                7                               9

                                                   2                                        4                                         6                                         8

                                                                                  Personal Life Report
Numerology is the art of the relationship between the letters in your name(s) and their numeric value to the
                 numbers that they represent.  A basic Numerology scale follows below:

                                                                                 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
                                                                                A   B  C   D  E   F  G   H  I
                                                                                J    K  L   M  N  O  P   Q R
                                                                                S   T  U   V   W X  Y   Z

                 The information needed for a Personal Life Report is your: Month, Day, Year of Birth, Given names at birth
                  including any middle names.  A Life Report will help to reveal your Personal Destiny Number (what purpose
                  you are here to fulfill according to your birth number), your Karmic Lesson Numbers (what lessons am I here
                  to learn according to my birth name(s), Soul Expression (what is is that truly fulfills my soul), Personal Year
(where am I in my personal 9 year cycle).  Your report includes this information plus information on
                  your Personal Challenges, Pinnacles, Maturity Number and much, much more.

                  A printed report accompanies your consultation.  Follow up readings are available.

 Relationship Compatibility Report
In a Numerology Relationship report, the birth information for both partners must be provided (Month, Day,
of Birth, Given name(s) including middle names).  In this report, the compatibility is based upon the
                  combinations of numbers and letters in the partners names from birth.  Like an Astrology Relationship report,
                  this report helps to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the partnership and its strength over time.  This report
                  may be more appealing for those who may not know their own time of birth or birth time of their partner.

                  A printed report accompanies your consultation.  Follow up readings are available.


 Personal Year Report
                   In a Personal Year report, the information required is your: Month, Day, and Year of Birth.  This report does
                   not require your name, however your name will be needed to personalize it.  This report, unlike a Life Report will
                   only give you a numerical break down for six months or one year.  It will give you insight into the current year
                   you are in for your 9 year cycle, as well as a monthly break down for the months in that year.  This report is
                   ideal for understanding where you are in your personal 9 year cycle and which months in that year would be
for choices you need to make in that year.

                   A printed report accompanies your consultation.  Follow up readings are available but recommended once a year.
$30/ 6 month report         $60/ 12 month report


    Name Report
                   Many of us at one time or another have thought about the possibility of changing our names, changing the names
                   of our business, baby names for our children, and names for our pets among others.  Do name changes really have
                   an effect upon our lives?  The answer is yes.  Name changes affect the vibration of names in our lives in the area
                   of our lives we change them in.  For example, using the basic scale 2 names will be compared below:

                   The name David breaks down to 4+1+4+9+4 = 2+2 = 4 which means stability, organization and rigidity.
                   The name Diane breaks down to 4+9+1+5+5 = 2+4 = 6 which means the mother to others, nurturer, but also
neglect their own needs.

                   These are just 2 examples of how name vibrations can affect us in our lives by the number vibrations that make
                   up ournames according to the letters in them.  Names can be compared simultaneously to see which name is
                   suitable for thepurposes we may need them for.

                   This report is ideal for anyone wanting to find the ideal name(s) for their children, business(s), pets or work
                    projects or license plate combinations.
                    1 Report        2 Reports       3 Reports       4 Reports       5 Reports       6 Reports       7 Reports       8 Reports
                       $20               $40               $60                $80               $100              $120              $140              $160